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Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 92 Shadow People with Mike Ricksecker

October 26, 2020

One topic I’ve been asked to cover more than most is the disturbing and worrying experiences regarding Shadow People. From the Hat Man, to the Hag, to shadowy entities lurking in bedrooms and homes, these dark shapes often leave the recipients upset, confused and frightened. Yet, are all the interactions malevolent? It seems not.

Mike Ricksecker is an investigator and ghostorian who has investigated plenty of cases to try and shine a light on this mysterious phenomenon and what they possible could be. Are they disembodied spirits, ghosts revisiting loved ones, astral projection or even inter-dimensional beings?

Mike’s new book, A Walk In The Shadows: A Complete Guide To Shadow People looks into the various entities that people have had encounters with, from the Hat Man, entities with glowing eyes, Shadow People, Crawlers and even an terrifying event with a ghostly wolf.

Mike covers all these and more in a conversation that will probably mean you’ll sleep with the light on for a while.

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A big thank you to Mike for joining me today.

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