Mysteries and Monsters

Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 16 David Weatherly

June 17, 2019

I am delighted to welcome one of my favourite authors and researchers, David Weatherly to Mysteries and Monsters this week.

David has built a solid reputation as a dedicated and driven investigator, with a sense of humour and a humility that belies his intelligence and wit.

We discuss his two latest books, Copper State Monsters and Silver State Monsters, two excellent collections of stories from Arizona and Nevada covering a whole realm of paranormal and cryptid enocunters and legends.

From Lake Monsters to Bigfoot, Mysterious Big Cats, Thunderbirds, Ghosts and UFOs, both books are a fantastic introduction in the mysterious histories of both states. We also cover his brilliant Wood Knocks series and his forthcoming new book, Eerie Companions.

You buy his two most recent releases on Amazon.

Copper State Monsters

Silver State Monsters

You can also visit David's site here as well as his new Eerie Lights site here:

Thanks for joining me David!

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