Mysteries and Monsters

Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 116 Incident At Devils Den with Terry Lovelace

March 22, 2021
June 1977 and two USAF EMT's have decided to spend a weekend camping in the Devil's Den State Park in Arkansas.
What was supposed to be a fun trip for two best friends to take in some wildlife and admire the clear night sky became a terrifying night that changed lives and relationship forever.
On this week's Mysteries and Monsters, I am joined by author and experiencer Terry Lovelace to discuss the events of that night in detail and the physical, personal and emotional ramifications of that incident.
Terry talks us through the build up to the event, the immediate aftermath and the myriad of unusual incidents that took place at both the hospital and his home.
This included strange visitors to his hospital room, mysterious nurses, unusual medication and a complete breakdown in his friendship with Toby, his best friend and companion on that night.
It's a compelling and emotional account and it was a pleasure to speak to Terry about the event and his life afterwards as he has battled to come to terms with what happened to him all those years ago.
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A big thank you to Terry for joining me.
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